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Posted by - Admin 17 Dec, 2021

Top Crypto Gainers on UNISWAP

Bitcoin (BTC) has found stability in the mid-$34,000 range, reacting to a weaker-than-expected US jobs report and profit-taking after its recent impressive rally. Despite this, the crypto market remains dynamic, with optimism surrounding potential spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and favorable macroeconomic conditions contributing to Bitcoin's continued upward trajectory. Altcoins like Ether (ETH), XRP (XRP), and Cardano (ADA) show modest gains, while Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL), and Tron (TRX) experience slight declines. In the quest for higher volatility, traders are venturing into meme coins and "shitcoins." Notably, low-cap tokens like Snapcat ($SNAPCAT) and Pegeta Super Saiyan ($PEPETA) have seen substantial surges, but caution is advised due to their inherent risks. Meanwhile, crypto presales provide another avenue for those seeking alternative investments, with a history of delivering significant returns to early supporters. Identifying promising presale projects with the potential for attractive risk-reward profiles is a strategy explored in the crypto market. Cryptonews offers insights into the top 15 crypto presales in 2023 for investors looking to delve into this arena.